All Love Between Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson

Seattle, WA- The Seattle Seahawks have a big match-up with the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. It will mark the first time Earl Thomas will be returning to Seattle after he broke his leg and was so frustrated at the Seahawks’ organization that he gave them the middle finger. Time has elapsed and now the main buzz surrounding the game will be the return of Thomas and the emotions that will be swirling around Centurylink Field.




Some players do not like Thomas and others love him such as Russell Wilson and his family. Outside of football, Thomas and Wilson are very good friends and they spend a lot of family time together.

“Earl and I are actually really close,” said Wilson. “We actually text quite a bit and communicate even during the season sometimes. I think for Earl and I, we’ve shared a lot of similarities just in terms of his passion for the game. He loves the game. I think for us, my family and his, we’ve shared a lot of cool moments together. Our kids spend a lot of time together, me and Earl and his wife and Ciara. It’s been really cool just getting to know him outside of football, which is always amazing.”

“I’m always going to have nothing but positivity when talking about Russ,” said Thomas. “Russ has always been good to me and my family. My kids and his kids are close. My wife and his wife are close.”

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