Isaac Asiata Retired From The NFL Due to Anxiety

Buffalo- Offensive lineman Isaac Asiata abruptly decided to retire after battling anxiety and not knowing what was going to happen with his career. “I have lived the last two years of my NFL career waging war with myself mentally,” Asiata wrote on his social media. “With constant anxiety, persistent worry, and fear of the unknown and of what comes next, if I were to be done.”



Asiata was emotional when he said that he really did not have the desire or passion to play football and football was at times a coping mechanism for him. “I also placed the unnecessary burden on my shoulders of never wanting to let people down or to disappoint those around me. Afraid of being a ‘draft bust’ or just another guy who couldn’t cut it in the league.”

Asiata did not really see the field much because he was on the practice squad for the Miami Dolphins for two years and was recently signed by the Bills last week.

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