Doug Baldwin: Underrated greatness

Seattle, WA- Doug Baldwin and the Seattle Seahawks had parted ways last week, but the legacy of Baldwin is still alive as a Seahawk. The battle of injuries, toughness, and skill that seem to go unnoticed among the elites.

Doug Baldwin - Seattle Sehawks vs. Los Angeles Chargers - Novemb

Baldwin was reliable, consistent, and played with a chip on his shoulder, as well as spoke about the injustice of African Americans during a pivotal time in the NFL.” I can’t say one specific thing. There’s so much information, so many things that have opened my eyes. And it’s on both sides. And what it comes down to is empathy for one another. You know, for the police officer to have empathy for the civilian, but also for the civilian to recognize that the police officer has a very difficult job, “said Baldwin.

“I think a lot of these issues are pushed by the narrative of race. And that sometimes can be the case, as we see systemic poverty intersect with race. But at the same time, there are other issues and other situations that occur when it has nothing to do with race, or we would perceive it to not have anything to do with race. And those situations are not okay, either. So, it’s not just one microcosm of the community or our society. It’s a much greater picture than that.”

Baldwin has done so much for the community of Seattle on and off the field that at times it goes unnoticed. During his career, Baldwin is ranked third in franchise history with having 493 catches for 6,593 yards and 49 touchdowns. Also, he had some crucial catches that won Seattle their first Super Bowl championship against the Denver Broncos. 

Baldwin was an underrated star that propelled the Seahawks when they needed a big-time play down the field or a touchdown to secure a victory. It is sad that his legacy ended so short, because of injury, but to the Twelves, he was a star that shined bright when the spotlight was on him.


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