Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn Opens New School in Tanzania

Los Angeles- Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn and his wife Stacey Bell opened a new school in Tanzania. Both Lynn and Bell wanted to give back to Lanjani, a village in the East African nation of Tanzania, to help the children and their need for education. “These kids were getting pushed into the workforce as early as possible, growing up without education at all,” Lynn told Sports Illustrated. “It was sad because where do your hopes and dreams come from if you don’t have that? How do you know if you like science until you take a science class? When I learned about the situation, I felt like I had to get involved.”

The school has classes for children in kindergarten through third grade and has 300 students that attend. The school was much more of a blessing to Lynn because education was something he wanted others to excel at. He told one of his friends at a barbeque that building a school was one of his dreams that he wanted to accomplish.

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“You know, you go somewhere, and you expect to help people and have an impact, and they end up having an impact,” Lynn said. “Their resiliency, their toughness, their attitude, their smiles. You see it and experience it, and it makes you appreciate what you really have.” Lynn stated that these students helped him become a better person, a better friend, and a better husband, and he appreciates the support he has been getting from different individuals.

“I just want to say you people are positive, you’re very strong and I have no doubt someone’s going to go through this school and not only impact Tanzania, but someone is going to impact this world,” Lynn said.


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