Bills: Tyree Jackson is Likely to Start Against Vikings

Buffalo- The Bills are going into their last game against the Vikings and have an undefeated record winning streak that they are trying to maintain heading into the regular season. Rookie QB Tyree Jackson has not made his mark just yet because Matt Barkley and Josh Allen has gotten a lot of the reps.


Jackson has only attempted 24 passes and only eight of them were competitions.

“It’s hard for rookie quarterbacks to play in this league and come in and be comfortable,” said Head Coach Sean McDermott.“I think he’s gotten more comfortable with each exposure in the games. He’s been in the games in good situational moments, at the end of most games. I’ve seen him grow in those areas for sure.”

Jackson is still young and has a lot to learn. He holds on to the ball longer than the five-second rule and does not go through his progression with his reads. He has taken a lot of big hits that he could have prevented if he threw the ball out of bounds, but that is what he will learn as he progresses as a QB in the league.

Jackson can be a threat to opponents with his feet, which we have seen in preseason action. If Jackson gets the nod against the Vikings on Thursday, he will get a lot of action seeing different coverages and trying to decipher how he will attack the Vikings’ defense.


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