Bills: Race for the last Running Back Position

Buffalo- After a 24-20 victory over the Detriot Lions, the race is on to fill the last running back position and it will come down to the last preseason game to decide who will stay or leave. The Bills brought in Frank Gore in the offseason to add more depth to an already prolific backfield.



LeSean McCoyChris IvoryMarcus Murphy, and  T.J. Yeldon are the backs that this organization has right now and competition is fierce with getting a position on the roster. There has been speculation of McCoy getting traded because he has not produced quality production in the last few years, but again it is speculation. Shady brings a lot of shiftyness to the position. He can bounce to the outside and change directions quickly, as well as turn small gains into big gains because of his vision.

Ivory, Gore, and Murphy are downhill runners. Once they get going, it is hard to bring them down, but each of the guys are not really going to bust for long gains. All three of these running backs are more of a ground and pound type of back, that is why the Bills should keep McCoy because he can put pressure on the defense with his quickness to get anywhere he wants to on the field.

T.J. Yeldon is the on the bubble. He has been in the lineup for a couple of years but bringing Gore in has put a lot of pressure on the position. Yeldon is very explosive when he gets in the open field, but he has had some issues with keeping the ball protected. He has had a decent training camp, but with all of these backs, he may be the one leaving Buffalo.

The Bills are 3-0 and are feeling optimistic about the regular season, it will be pretty interesting to see what running back will stay and who will be leaving Buffalo.


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