Anna Burns: Helping Out Breast Cancer Survivors By Being Creative With Her Gifts

Atlanta- This month, the NFL and different individuals around the globe have contributed in their own way of recognizing breast cancer survivors. Anna Burns, who is a certified derma-technician has a unique way of helping cancer survivors through their healing process. There have been many women who have chosen to use 3D areola tattoo procedures. This procedure gives a realistic looking nipple that helps with the healing process. of losing a breast. Burns wanted to help others feel like themselves and gain their confidence back. “My passion is to help women and men who have undergone mastectomy and breast reconstruction to feel whole again,” said Burns.

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Some people are not able to have their breast reconstructed, so there has been a creative way of making that person feel normal by using art to fill in the void. Certified permanent cosmetics professionals could provide 3D areola tattoos that make it looks completely real. Art has a way of helping individuals cope with what they lost and it is a brilliant idea with artists helping survivors gain their confidence back up.

Art is one of the factors that can help anybody through a rough time. You see so many people that get tattoos to honor a loved one, their favorite scripture or meaning that helps them survive each day. So this procedure that Anna has started has increased hope in the Atlanta area and she hopes that it can help others be brave and gain the confidence that is needed to live each and everyday comfort.

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