A Game Of Answers In The Third Quarter

Halftimes are always a good thing for New England. They tend to go in the locker room, access what was going wrong and make those adjustment. Knowing how deadly they can be after halftime, the Eagles definitely had to stay focused. They did have some slippage offensively and the offense did leave a few points on the board with missed extra points and costly penalties. The Eagles knew what was coming and they had to prepare themselves before the second half began.


True to their mode of operation, New England came out and quickly scored on their first drive of the half, which was all Gronk all the time pretty much. After that, the Eagles were only up three points with game pressure on them. They could have either folded at this point or answered the bell. Well, the Eagles went on to answer the bell, driving the football down the field and scoring on a third down and six pass from Nick Foles to Corey Clements in which Foles threaded the needle and Clements was able to get both feet in bounds and keep possession of the ball. At that point, it seemed like the Eagles had righted themselves.

Unfortunately,  it looked as if the Eagles defense had allowed a sleeping giant to wake up and put more points on the board. The Patriots came back again and drove down the field, completing a Chris Hogan pass for a touchdown and getting back within three points at 29-26. Again, the Eagles had to answer and again they would respond. The Eagles would put the football back in the hands of Foles to start the drive and he responded, completing two passes for first downs that helped the Eagles get in Patriots territory. After a LeGarrette Blount rush attempt, the Eagles then went back to one of their emerging young playmakers, Nelson Agholor, for a reverse to net them a first down. Just like that, the Eagles were knocking on the door of another score again.

The Eagles would have maybe folded in previous years with pressure on them, but so far, they are answering the call and making things happen. We shall see if they are to continue to have the answers, especially offensively.

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