Chargers Join STAR/PAL & SD Community For Youth

Market Creek Events and Venues – At the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center – San Diego

The 14th Annual Celebrity Waiter Luncheon


The entire San Diego community joined together for the 14th Annual Celebrity Waiter Luncheon at the Joe & Vi Jacobs Center in San Diego.  Jerseys and uniforms clad with small red aprons; Chargers, Padres, the SD Fire & Police departments, former NFL and NBA players, Aztecs, Sockers and even golf pros all came together Friday to join together for one cause to help kids, through STAR/PAL. Their mission to empower underserved youth to build a safer and more prosperous community by engaging with law enforcement and collaborative partners.



 SD Chief of Police Shelly Zimmerman  “We have the Chargers, we have the Padres, we have community leaders that are out here. It just goes to show we are one department, one city, all for one thing, that’s to to raise funds to help our underserved youth, because it doesn’t matter where you live, to feel safe, you should feel safe no matter where you live and this gives you, our community an opportunity to help all our kids.”


From Chiefs to linebackers, pitchers to counsel members, forwards to dunkers, coaches, officers, chippers, Swinging Friars, pom poms, Chopper and kickers along with business owners and fireman, all in attendance for a community. Pretty much the most amazing event I’ve ever been at with an entire city working together, all giving back for at risk kids for San Diego.

Mante Te'o photo ©desiree astorga

Mante Te’o  “Anytime you get to have an impact on people in whatever way or fashion it’s always good, a lot of people are here to make a difference, it’s a good cause.”

Kendall Reyes,©desireeastorgaKendal Reyes  “This is awesome, just to give back anyway I can, this is the second year doing and it’s honestly one of my favorite events. Kind of get everyone together and then we go out and just to see the looks on some peoples faces, they’re just so excited to see us and all goes towards a good cause, there is nothing wrong with that.”

Pads ©desiree astorga

Tons of smiles, laughter, photos, media from all facets throughout San Diego, oh and one crucial item, the sharpie. With an abundance of athletes, as on the field competition sets in to who could bring in the most, was like a vying for position on game day. In a fundraising setting it’s only a win win. Players buzzing from table to table in small red aprons, signatures were prevalent and abundant just like the San Diego sun, as were the photos. Manti even had a line waiting.

Fluker Clarey ©desiree astorga


D.J. Fluker  “It was very competitive, (chuckle),
Just raising money for STAR/PAL and meeting a lot of owners from different organizations, different companies come in and donate money for the kids. I think that the event was beautiful to see everyone bond together and get to know each other,  I think it was great………… makes me feel honored.”


Seyi Ajirotutu  “It’s special to be a part. just a small part of helping kids out, also just helping out with the Chargers and helping out with all the different organizations that are present here , I just like to help out and do my part here.”

©desiree astorga Mante, Jeromy, Kendal

The Chargers having a huge turn out with rookies, veterans, sophomores, PR and Community Relations all present with players:

Seyi Ajirotutu, Zach Boren, Jeromey Clary, D.J. Fluker, Kwame Geathers, Corey Liuget, David Johnson, Kendall Reyes, Willie Smith, Manti Te’o, Tourek Williams and even former Linebacker Billy Ray Smith.

Billy Ray Smith ©desireeastorga

Willie Smith  “It’s a big thing for me, its my first time being here so didn’t really know what event was all about, just heard it was giving back to kids, so just wanting to be apart of any way I can.”

Kwame Geathers & counselman ©desireeastorga

Kwame Geathers “It means a lot to be able to come out and knowing your going to an event that is gonna help someone become better in life and just coming in, doing it and enjoying and having lots of fun.”

Josh Boren & Shelly Zimmerman ©desireeastorga

Zach Boren  “I love it, back in Ohio State we used to do outreaches all the time and i was really involved with all that , so when i got here the first week I met the outreach people, Chase and everyone, i told them i wanted to be involved right away…….its something I really enjoy doing.”

Clarey & Sd Fire ©desireeastorga

Police had new job syllabus which included serving lunches, drinks and even counting the proceeds conjured by the athletes and amidst it all a live auctioneer, the Padres, Mark Grant on the mic as well and even Steve Fisher was on stage showcasing a prize gift earned by his Aztecs all joining forces for kids.

SD SWAT ©desireeastorga


Srgt Michael Ramsey, Swat Team for SD Police  “Its actually incredible, it’s great to see so many people, volunteers, celebrities and members of the police department just step up with our youth and just bridge that gap to help a program for the city and county of San Diego.”


It was truly a proud moment to be a San Diegian watching an entire community rallying all to give back, united for youth, truly a beautiful day with a wonderful cause.



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