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Tory and Ebony Humphrey

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NFL Player, Wife

Tory Humphrey is a former tight end in the NFL who has contributed his blocking as an asset to both the run and passing games of the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers. He is married to Ebony and in addition to their football life, their and heart’s passion is teaching biblical truths. They own Explosion Publishing and Press that publishes personal testimonies of victory. Ebony is also the founder of EBH Ministries Inc. which provides services from need assessments, behavioral care plans, spiritual warfare enrichment and teaching modules, to feeding the homeless in the inner city.

Tory and Ebony have assisted various foundations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Saginaw, Humphrey Fed The Homeless, The Humphrey Helping Hands Foundation, Saginaw Rescue Mission of Saginaw, MI. Also, they assisted on various community related events for the The Packers Women Association (PWA).

Ebony is a published author of the book titled Inside the Locker Room: A Journey of Faith and the Power of Prayer. This book was the first book of a series that details the impact prayer has had on her  life, and how prayer has kept her stay rooted and ground, as being the wife of a professional athlete can have its ups and downs. This book gives an account of how powerful prayer can be, especially when it feels like you don’t have anyone around that can understand or touch your pain.

She is a survivor of a tumultuous childhood that included a mother suffering from mental illness, abuse, and time spent in the foster care system she is now in a place in her life she can truly declare victory. She is well aware of the bling bling view of ‘Ballers Wives’ portrayed in the media, but she wants to show that women can be married to high profile individuals and still live the life of a virtuous woman. Her no-nonsense approach to spirituality contradicts the image of happiness being found in over priced shoes, designer bags, and general over indulgence.

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Website: http://ebhministries.com

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