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Theresa Villano

Insider Since 2011

Reporter & Feature Coordinator

Theresa Villano currently lives in San Diego, CA and is the Feature Coordinator and a contributing Reporter on the Pro Player Insiders team.

She has been a part of the Buffalo Bills family for over 5 years. Theresa is very familiar with the amazing men and families the make up the NFL. Villano took a year off of work to give back to Buffalo (the fourth poorest city in America) through the AmeriCorp outreach program. With a degree in Business Marketing from Oregon State University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling, she has found herself helping build non-profit urban prevention programming. Here she has planned and hosted community drug awareness rallies, events, and assemblies. Theresa is experienced in inspirational speaking (youth), volunteer coordination, community task forces, red carpet interviewing, player foundation support, fundraising and social media.

Villano has been able to combine her outgoing personality, work experiences, connections within the NFL community, passion for sports and ability to market to help build the Pro Player Insiders platform.

Twitter: @Theresa_ppi
LinkedIn:  Theresa Villano
Facebook:  Theresa M. Villano