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Online Community for Women of the NFL Community

The Pink Playbook (PPB) Inc. is an exclusive online community for women in the lives of professional athletes. Pink Playbook’s mission is to encourage and promote spiritual and relational growth among those women.

Michelle Torbor, wife of NFL player Reggie Torbor of the Giants, Dolphins, and Bills, first envisioned PPB 3 years ago, during a weekly “wives” bible study. Torbor then created an online community that would reflect the experiences of our weekly meetings and serve as a place for NFL wives and families to:

-Provide resources and recommendations when moving from team to team (i.e. food, shopping, salons, childcare, etc.)

-Reflect on our lives

-Encourage and be encouraged

-Relate to peers and Glorify God

Michelle TorborPPB works hard to provide great resources concerning the challenges of the NFL lifestyle. In addition to the resources available on PPB, they have created a community that will support those NFL families that wish to live a “life” beyond their “lifestyle”. This is a term that leads to the question, “Who are we (NFL wives) outside of our identity as families in pro sports?”

The Members also get the benefits of INSPIRATION, THE PINK PAGES, and PINK PORTFOLIO. When members login they are greeted on the home page with a positive quote and/or inspiring thought. The core of the Pink Playbook is the “Pink Pages” which consists of the 32 NFL resources available for the NFL families. Relocation seems inevitable in the world of professional sports and for some, this occurs at the end of each season. These transitions are often met with confusion, frustration, and questions such as; Who can I trust to care for my kids?  Where do I find a dependable doctor and what about a hairstylist?

Pink Playbook, Inc. believes that there is no one better fit to assist other women find their way in a new city, than a woman who has had to experience the transition as well. To encourage this belief, every woman will be given the opportunity to share those companies and individuals that they have grown to trust with others. Pink Playbook is compiling “The Pink Pages” database that will make it possible for each member to click on their team affiliation, choose the service they are searching for, and have instant access to individuals and companies that have been recommended by other women in the professional sport arena. This provides NFL wives with a steady, reliable resource to help them in their transitions.

The Pink Playbook also provides “The Pink Portfolio”. It is a resource provided where Professional Sports Organizations offer vast benefits and programs for pro employees and their families. Unfortunately, most players and their significant others are not fully aware of all that this entails. Pink Playbook, Inc. informs the ladies further about what benefits are offered while players are active, as well as after they have retired.

This member’s only community helps women transition and feel at home in the amazing NFL cities in which they may live. If you’re interested in being a member of Pink Playbook but have not received an invitation, please contact us.




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