Fantasy Football: Quarterback Rankings

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year. Its fantasy football season and I’m here to get you through the most stressful parts of the season. Throughout the year I will be giving you tips on starts and sits as well as pickups, but before we get to all of that, you’ve got to get a team and to do that, you’ve got to get through you draft. Today I’m going to be going through Quarterback Rankings and tiers for the 2015 NFL season, so with that said, let’s get right into it.

Remember, these rankings are in the order of my personal preference, so if they are within the same tier, I think all of them will be around the same range from a fantasy point projections perspective, so feel free to choose who you prefer.

Tier 1 – Elite

Aaron Rodgers
Andrew Luck

This doesn’t need much of an explanation. Aaron Rodgers is the best fantasy and real QB in the world and not only is he top 3 in ppg every year, the Pack plan to have a faster tempo this year. Andrew Luck is the new Peyton Manning. He controls that offense, they let him be himself and run it the way he wants to and he has a huge amount of talented targets this year. Around 45 TDs would be my projection for both and Rodgers having less than 10 INTs, just ridiculous. These are the only 2 guys you should consider in the 1st 2 rounds.


Tier 2 – Top 5

Matthew Stafford
Ben Roethlisberger
Tony Romo

Stafford won’t be near this high on anyone else’s QB rankings, but I’ve been told Detroit tugged on the ropes to get his INTs under control, but they are loosening it back up this year. Add that with a healthy Megatron and we could see the Stafford from 2-3 years ago. Big Ben has the most weapons he’s had around him in a long time. His biggest issue is his division, it’s tough defensively and they all know each other very well. Romo has the best line in the sport and that’s always music to a QB’s ears. The connection from him to Dez Bryant should be often heard throughout the fantasy football season. Big Ben will go around 4th round, the other 2 you can steal in the 6th or 7th.

Tier 3 – Starters

Peyton Manning
Drew Brees
Tom Brady
Colin Kaepernick
Cam Newton
Russell Wilson
Eli Manning

P.Manning, Brees, and Brady are the older, but more reliable guys in this list. Brady would be in the 2nd tier if he wasn’t suspended for 4 games. All could go in the 4th to 6th round range. Kaepernick, Newton, and Wilson are all in the new-aged mold of the running/scrambling QB. They won’t put up pretty numbers all the time and are inconsistent, but their legs help them out drastically. E.Manning is a throwback that will start every game and despite his INTs, has put up solid fantasy numbers. The last 4 will likely go around the 7th round or later, except Russell who could go earlier.

Tier 4 – Best Replacements

Matt Ryan
Philip Rivers
Carson Palmer
Andy Dalton
Jay Cutler
Ryan Tannehill

I’ve been very hard on Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers because I don’t think they are great real life QBs, but none of that matters in fantasy. Both are in offenses that like to throw a lot and that’s what you’re looking for in a fantasy QB. Palmer is also in a high passing volume offense. He is the bargain of this group. If he stays heathy, he puts up top 12 numbers. With a healthy WR group, I think Dalton will be more consistent this year. Cutler and Tannehill have talent, but they are extremely hard to trust. Ryan and Rivers will be drafted too early for me, but the rest in this group you can likely grab in the last 3rd of the draft.

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings

Tier 5 – Next Best

Teddy Bridgewater
Same Bradford
Derek Carr
Jameis Winston
Joe Flacco
Alex Smith

There is a chance that only 2 guys from this group get drafted, Bridgewater and Bradford, but Carr and Winston have some god weapons on their teams with Cooper and Crabtree for Carr, while Winston has 2 top 20 WRs in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. The Ravens will have a balanced offense and Joe Cool doesn’t really show up too much till money time in the playoffs. Alex Smith is in a running offense and doesn’t have elite weapons, so I’d pass on him and pickup during Free Agency if needed.

Tier 6 – Remaining Starters

Marcus Mariota
Nick Foles
Blake Bortles
Robert Griffin III/Colt McCoy/Kirk Cousins
Brian Hoyer/Mallett
Geno Smith/Ryan Fitzpatrick
Tyrod Taylor/Matt Cassell
Josh McCown/Johnny Manziel

I would personally pass on everyone from this list, but if you’re in a 2 QB league, you have to do what you have to do. Mariota and RG3 will get a look cause of their running ability. Foles and Hoyer will be very up and down, the rest is honestly a waste of time and a roster spot unless they show something early in the season.

Tier 7 – Draft just in case

Jimmy Garappolo
Branden Weeden
Matt Hasselbeck
Mark Sanchez

These are 4 backups that you have to take in 2 QB leagues. Garappolo will start the 1st 4 games for Brady and has looked great in the preseason. Weeden is 1 Romo back injury from being in a high octane offense. Same can be said about Hasselbeck and Sanchez.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the core of what makes a fantasy team, RBs. The 1st two rounds of every draft will be very RB heavy, so you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to that article. If you have a draft before then, good luck and if you have any draft or fantasy football questions, I can be reached on twitter with the handle @Pacman453323.

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