NFL Draft 2018: Live Blog

Waking up on draft day is a lot like waking up on Christmas morning. The anticipation has been building for weeks and finally it’s time to tear open the presents that Santa left under the tree. Not all Christmas mornings are created equal. I remember one year I knew Santa was going to upgrade my 8-bit Nintendo to a new 16-bit system. I wasn’t sure if it would be a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis, but I was going to be happy either way. There was another Christmas that was just before my first communion and I was positive that Santa was going to bring me a suit. It wasn’t as sexy of a gift as a Sega Genesis, but I knew I needed it just as much.

2017 NFL Draft: Live Blog

It has come to the point, or so it seems, that draft season is as long as the playing season in the NFL. Mercifully, draft season will be over on Saturday. In the meantime, we have a little bit more of the same as everyone else. I will tell you what I think happens tomorrow during the first 10 picks. Yet another mock draft. Yawn.


Day 2 of the NFL Draft is about to begin and I am hear again to follow along with the […]


In fifteen minutes the LA Rams will be on the clock, finally. It seems like each year we are waiting […]